Grønne non woven poser

We offer green non-woven bags made from recycled material with the option of a logo or design. Minimum order is 50 pieces. We also offer free transport in Denmark, and you can pay 14 days after receiving the goods.


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Pris for én pose i alt
12,5 29,5 35,5 41,5 52,5
12,5 29,5 35,5 41,5 52,5
12,9 29,9 35,9 41,9 52,9
8,5 20,5 23,5 28,5 36,5
8,5 20,5 23,5 28,5 36,5
8,8 20,8 23,8 28,8 36,8
6,5 17,5 19,5 23,5 31,5
6,5 17,5 19,5 23,5 31,5
6,9 17,9 19,9 23,9 31,9
5 14 16 19 26
5 14 16 19 26
5,4 14,4 16,4 19,4 26,4
3,8 11,8 13,8 15,8 20,8
3,8 11,8 13,8 15,8 20,8
4,6 12,6 14,6 16,6 21,6
3,1 10,1 12,1 13,6 18,1
3,1 10,1 12,1 13,6 18,1
3,8 10,8 12,8 14,3 18,8
  • No hidden costs are added to the price, which also includes printing on one side of the product.
  • The price also includes delivery in Denmark to a selected address.
  • Excl. COTTON WOOL. Without a CVR number, 20% VAT is added to the price.


Green non woven fabric bags in recycled material

We have 3 different sizes of green non-woven bags in our selection:

  • 29×35+11 cm
  • 35×29+11 cm
  • 45×39+12 cm

Material:  80 grams recycled, non-woven fabric
Color:  Green
Normal delivery time:  10-14 working days

This green non-woven bag is made from 80 grams of recycled non-woven fabric and is an excellent alternative to disposable bags. The bag’s practical and functional design makes it optimal for daily use, while also contributing to a sustainable lifestyle.

Features and benefits:

  1. The bag’s durability and resistance to wear and damage is ensured through the use of 80 grams of recycled non-woven fabric.
  2. The bag’s spacious size of 29×35+11 cm provides ample space for shopping, work-related materials, sports equipment or other personal belongings.
  1. This bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable bags as it helps reduce plastic consumption and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.
  2. The bag’s neutral beige color suits every style and personality.

Customization options:

We offer the option to order these green non-woven tote bags with individual printing. Whether you want a unique design, a logo or a personal message, our high-quality printing is the optimal solution.

  1. Logo Print: Insert your company logo, school emblem or any graphic that represents your organization. This gives you a great opportunity to promote your brand and increase visibility.
  2. Design printing: Do you want a unique design that you would like to have on the bag? No problem! We are able to print a wide range of designs, from simple patterns to detailed illustrations.
  1. Text print:  Add a personal message, quote or slogan to the bag to make it unique and memorable. This is a great way to stand out and show your personality.

To order printed fabric bags, please follow these steps:

  1. You can contact our customer service and give them your wishes and details about the design, logo or text you would like printed on the bag.
  2. Our graphic designers will work with you to ensure that your design perfectly matches the size and appearance of the bag.
  1. Once you have approved the design, we will print it on the required number of bags and send them to you.

The print price includes printing on one side, and the minimum order for logos is 50 pieces! You will always receive a non-binding offer and a digital sample copy for approval before your order becomes binding.

On weekdays, we respond within a few hours at the latest.

Contact info:
You can contact to get a non-binding offer or help with your order. Our professional customer service will provide you with fast and good service.
CALL US: +45 78 74 54 27
We usually respond within a few hours on weekdays. You will always receive a quote and a digital test copy for approval before placing your order.

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Instructions for use:

To maintain the durability and quality of the bag, it is recommended to wash the bag in cold water with mild soap. Avoid using bleach or dryers and allow the bag to air dry to ensure the best maintenance.


Our green non-woven fabric bag is versatile and ideal for everyday use as a shopping bag, work bag, sports bag or even as a trendy beach bag. The bag is also suitable for events, conferences and educational purposes, where participants can be given information materials and other necessities.

Order your bags today for your customers or guests and experience the many benefits and the practical design for yourself!

Ryd felter
  • Min. antal 50 stk.
  • Prisen inkluderer transporten til Danmark.
  • Betal 14 dage efter du har modtaget varerne.